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OrderEra is Just What Your Business Needs

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All what a business needs simplified into one platform

Our team is available day or night

We provide the latest technology in B2B

The guidance provided By the tutorials and our team can lead to any destination

Detailed Sales Reports Just A Few Clicks Away

All types of sales reports available in different types of features and categories


Diverse categories

Different type of markets all under one platform.

Cost reduction

Strategising the best solution to reduce the most amount of unnecessary cost.

Marketing channels

Increasing brand awareness with minimal work

Simplifying difficult problems

Detailed problems or scenarios dealt with the ease of a few clicks


Diverse categories




Cost reduction average


Bonuses average

Creative App Display

Available in all types of devices, stitched to fit every stakeholder needs, also simplifying all detailed and complex reports .


Keep Track Of The Overall Market Trends & More

Through our detailed weekly reports all statistical figures can be tracked and analysed for future plans